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The team at Attleboro Knives strives to bring you, the end user, the best Ultra High Performance blades designed by retired SF operators and outdoor junkies. From the Rocky Mountains to the extreme deserts of the Middle East and every harsh environment in between, you’ll find Attleboro knives thrive in places only the bold go.

A great blade is a critical component of any soldier or outdoorsman’s gear and sometimes is the factor between survival or not. Attleboro knives are made for those few who expect only the best. We manufacture every knife to exceed our client’s needs for overall performance. The Attleboro team continues to work with Special Operations personnel for testing, evaluations , & feedback and will incorporate new innovative ideas and materials into everything we make.

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Introducing the Attleboro knife - A video review on YouTube by "Knifeguy."

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"The Attleboro" knife is in both RECOIL (Issue 10) and Tactical Knives (March 2014) Magazine

Attleboro Knife in RECOIL Magazine Issue 10 Attleboro Knife in Tactical Knives Magazine March 2014

JK Picture The Attleboro Knife is rugged, light weight, proper length piece of American steel. Sharpened to a point with a grip attached that will not break or slip. I currently use this knife often and its best feature is to me is the great amount of used between sharpening. I recommend this special purpose knife to any American Man that likes high quality equipment that you can always count on, no mater what situation you find yourself in. I don't leave home without it.


US Army, Active

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We at Attleboro Knives are simply knife fanatics. All of us are prior military (Army Special Forces) or [more...]

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